PM Musing

Even though project management is gaining popularity and its applications are widespread, the track record of success, especially on large and complex projects is dismal. There needs to be a re-thinking of project management: what it is, how it should be applied, how to deliver performance and value and not just action and activities.

Most business and IT professionals have some rudimentary understanding of project management, but most people view project management as an isolated discipline.  Yes, project management can help organizations and their people get the tactical stuff done.  But far too many people associate project management with time and schedule management, cost, and scope, and not an integrated approach to management and getting the important things done.  Others may see project management as an overly bureaucratic system of completing templates and following processes for the sake of processes.  All these views only present a partial picture of the power and influence of project management.

So let’s re-think project management!  Let’s do a makeover.  Please share your thoughts and ideas here.


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